Connie Cleary the first proud owner of the Optelec Clearview with speech purchased at our Spring Seminar.

July 4, 2013

Dear Molly,
My joy with and appreciation of my new Optelec reader/speaker from Vision Dynamics are boundless. The ease with which I'm now able to read my mail, newspaper articles and various announcememets is making an immeasurable difference in the life of this former librarian. It allows me to continue living independently while contributing positivley to my quality of life. In addition, it pleases me to know that I was the first customer to buy this magical piece of technology from the one and only Vision Dynamics.
How appropiate that I'm writing this on Independence Day.

Yours truly,

Roberta Mastromarino:

October 2014

For many years you provided invaluable service to my mother with her reader, magnifying glasses, and wonderful personalized service for her. This year I purchased a talking clock for her stay in a nursing home. She was blind and that provided her with so much comfort 24 hours a day. Her reader was her lifeline for years. Thank you for all the wonderful products, service and advice.

-Roberta Mastromarino

​Jennifer Gomez:

December 2014

​Tracy, I had a wonderful experience at vision dynamics. Knowing the many different adaptive equiptment's that can work for individuals with vision impairments is a great resource not only for me, but for my future patients and their families who want mom to be independent in reading recipes again. I definetely know where to recomend individuals that want to be independent. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to give my classmates and me a tour.

​-Jennifer Gomez

Jessica Krizan:

December 2014

Hi Tracy,

I am an OTA student at HCC that attended your class on Monday December 8th. I found my visit to Vision Dynamics to be benificial to my education. The visit helped me to gain a better understanding of how the adaptive equiptment helps people with visual impairments.

-Jessica Krizan

Susan Sovinski:

December 2014

Hi Tracy,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me and my classmates from Housatonic Community College last Monday. Listening to you speak of those who have been helped by your products over the years was inspiring. I really understand how the products worked and brought book-learning into reality for me.

-Susan Sovinski

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