Basic D Braille Printer


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The New Index Basic-D V4 is a tractor-fed, double-sided Braille embosser that offers stable, unmonitored embossing at speeds of up to 100 cps.

The Basic-D V4 uses the same winning concept as its predecessors. The user interface, functionality, and other components have been redesigned and tuned up to a technological level which allows it to continue to be a market leader for many years to come.

The Basic-D V4 is able to produce graphics as well as regular Braille text with good durability and great Braille quality. Simply feed paper into the machine and it will emboss without interruption. It’s a stable companion, at home or in the office.

Technical Highlights

  • A sideways printing mode is now implemented, making it possible to emboss in landscape mode
  • Characters per line were increased to 48 which extends beyond the usual 42
  • Updated paper sensors to allow for smoother, trouble-free embossing
  • Fastest Braille printer in its class at 100 CPS
  • Easy to use, light weight and modern sleek design
  • Easily Networked and quick installation via of USB and Ethernet cables
  • Instant Brailler Depot Technical Support available during regular business hours
  • Improved internal design to help simplify maintenance
  • New cooling design to keep the embosser at an appropriate temperature

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