Braille EDGE 40 Communicator


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Introducing the Braille EDGE 40 Deaf-Blind Communicator

The Braille EDGE 40, in addition to being a versatile, high-quality Braille display and a basic Notetaker, serves as a face to face communicator with our new iOS communicator application. 
Braille EDGE as a Braille Terminal
Connect the Braille EDGE 40 to your PC, MAC or Smartphone and gain intuitive Braille access using a variety of screen readers across multiple platforms. Use the Braille EDGE 40 to ergonomically and efficiently type text messages, read emails, navigate web pages via your device’s web browser and access your appointments.

iOS Connectivity via Bluetooth

Braille EDGE 40 operates as a Braille display via Bluetooth with iOS devices providing Braille keyboard input and Braille output for your iPhone or iPad. Use the Terminal Clipboard on the Braille EDGE to comfortably edit text on the EDGE 40 before sending to the I-device as well as to copy and paste text from the Braille EDGE’s Notepad application to the iPhone or iPad.a

Braille EDGE 40 Communicator Options:

  • Braille EDGE 40
  • iOS App Communicator (Coming Soon)
  • Getting Started Guide in Braille

Works great with the HIMS Chat – iOS Communicator

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