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Eye-Pal Ace unites exceptional OCR, light-weight ergonomic design, portability and ease-of-use, making it a truly accurate revolutionary electronic reader and magnifier.

Read a book on the couch; go through a menu at a restaurant; fill out a form at the doctor’s office; accomplish a multitude of other tasks.

A pair of headphones easily plugs in right on the front of the device: keep Eye-Pal Ace reading out loud just to you in a crowded waiting room.

Stay Comfortable
Eye-Pal Ace is 3.5 lbs light. It has a built-in screen and is battery-powered. It is pleasant to hold in your hands. Using it feels natural – with controller wheels under your thumbs and buttons under your forefingers, you do not need a manual. Add the nearly instantaneous, highly accurate scan-and-read technology, and you are in possession of the electronic reader with no rivals in the industry.

Keep the Eye-Pal Ace reader as close to your eyes as you feel like: no tugging at wires, no bumping your forehead against camera arms.

Scan a book or a newspaper and get into an armchair to listen to it, following the large font text on the screen with your eyes. Stay up reading for hours, too comfortable to get up.

Stay Active
Eye-Pal Ace is versatile.

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Glance at it to enjoy a large, crisp clock display. Set an alarm to alert you to a time or wake you up. Record a reminder for an appointment; or a few, for that matter. Share the uploaded photos like you would with a photo album.

Come to realize that everything you need to keep track of your daily schedule is within one electronic companion device – Eye-Pal Ace.

When you have a minute, have Eye-Pal Ace open up one of the books you have saved: Eye-Pal Ace will continue reading from where you left off the last time.

Stay Independent
Take Eye-Pal Ace with you wherever you could use a reader.

A form to read and sign? No problem! Place the form under the Eye-Pal Ace’s camera “eyes” and press the scan button. Eye-Pal Ace will immediately begin reading the form out loud, displaying and highlighting the magnified text as it is being read (plug in a pair of headphones, so that no one hears your Eye-Pal Ace but you). Once done reading, place the last page under the Eye-Pal Ace’s camera “eyes” again and choose the Live Magnification mode. See the signature line clearly and sign the document with confidence.

With no wires, cables or stick-out arms, with its natural feel and sleek design, Eye-Pal Ace is the one cool gadget to use at home and take along when on the go.

Display 10-inch (diagonal) color display
Document size A4 and Letter
Weight 3.5 lbs.
Power Rechargeable battery and/or AC
Controls Built-in thumbwheels and large buttons
Dimensions Hand-held: 11” x 10.5” x 3”
Camera Two 5 MP auto-focus HD cameras
Light source Dual anti-glare built-in ultra bright LEDs
Time to read Typically 3 seconds or less
AudioMinder Audio-guided Activity Center
Stored formats JPEG, MP3, TXT
Connection ports Headphone plug, power source plug, USB port
Energy-saving features Auto-standby preserves battery
Auto-sleep mode for display
Language options Twenty-one world languages

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