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Eye-Pal ROL combines exceptional OCR, light-weight ergonomic design, portability and ease-of-use, making it a truly revolutionary product.

Read a book on the couch; go through a menu at a restaurant; fill out a form at the doctor’s office; accomplish a multitude of other tasks.

A pair of headphones easily plugs in right on the front of the device: keep Eye-Pal ROL reading out loud just to you in a crowded waiting room.

Stay Comfortable
Eye-Pal ROL is 3.5 lbs light. It is battery-powered. It is pleasant to hold in your hands. Using it feels natural – with controller wheels under your thumbs and buttons under your forefingers, you do not need a manual. Add the nearly instantaneous, highly accurate scan-and-read technology, and you are in possession of the electronic reader with no rivals in the industry.

Keep the Eye-Pal ROL reader as close to yourself as you feel like: no tugging at wires, no bumping your forehead against camera arms.

Scan a book or a newspaper and get into an armchair to listen to it. Stay up reading for hours, too comfortable to get up.

Stay Active
Eye-Pal ROL is versatile.

Set an alarm to alert you to a time or wake you up. Record a reminder for an appointment; or a few, for that matter.

Come to realize that everything you need to keep track of your daily schedule is within one electronic companion device – Eye-Pal ROL.

When you have a minute, have Eye-Pal ROL open up one of the books you have saved: Eye-Pal ROL will continue reading from where you left off the last time.

Stay Independent
Take Eye-Pal ROL with you wherever you could use a reader.

A form to read? No problem! Place the form under the Eye-Pal ROL’s camera “eyes” and press the scan button. Eye-Pal ROL will immediately begin reading the form out loud (plug in a pair of headphones, so that no one hears your Eye-Pal ROL but you).

With no wires, cables or stick-out arms, with its natural feel and sleek design, Eye-Pal ROL is the one cool gadget to use at home and take along when on the go.

Document size A4 and Letter
Weight 3.5 lbs.
Power Rechargeable battery and/or AC
Controls Built-in thumbwheels and large buttons
Dimensions Hand-held: 11” x 10.5” x 3”
Camera Two 5 MP auto-focus HD cameras
Light source Dual anti-glare built-in ultra bright LEDs
Time to read Typically 3 seconds or less
AudioMinder Audio-guided Activity Center
Stored formats JPEG, MP3, TXT
Connection ports Headphone plug, power source plug, USB port
Energy-saving features Auto-standby preserves battery
Auto-sleep mode for display
Language options Twenty-one world languages
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