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Dolphin’s Guide is an all-in-one award-winning software suite of over twenty useful programs with built-in large print and speech access for people with low vision or who are blind. It has been specifically designed to be easy-to-use and easy-to-learn.

Guide will help you to perform many tasks, even if you’ve never used a computer before. It has its own built-in screen reader, so it will read out the text on every screen, even while you’re typing. Guide also has its own built-in screen magnifier, so you can enlarge the text on every screen.

With Guide’s specially designed programs, you can easily perform many useful tasks. You can customize Guide’s voices, colors, magnification, and even menus, to suit your specific needs.

In the table below are screenshots of the Guide menus and applications. You may click on an image to view a larger version of it. When finished viewing, simply press the ESC (Escape) key to close the viewport.

Guide requires very little training, so most people can easily teach themselves how to use it. Through voice prompts, Guide’s straight-forward menu structure not only allows you to easily select the program you wish to use, but to work within it as well.

The menus are controlled using the keyboard and are displayed on uncluttered screens, overlaying the Windows desktop. Selecting the task you wish to accomplish from the Main Menu, such as E-mail, begins the process. From this point, Guide Menus step you through, completing your work. Even though Guide’s programs are easy to use, they have many features, allowing you to accomplish a wide variety of tasks.

What can you do using Guide?

You can create letters and other documents, access current news, scan and read printed material out loud, listen to radio stations and work in many other useful programs, all with built-in large print and speech! If you need assistance, task specific HELP PAGES can be accessed to give you extra advice and support.

Guide has over twenty programs that will allow you to; correspond with others, acquire information, read printed material, listen to radio stations and much more! All programs are accessible to visually impaired people using Guide’s built-in large print and speech. By pressing the F1 or the Control & F1 keys, Guide’s Help Screens will provide visual and audio assistance, specific to what you are working with.

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