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Single-sheet fed, high-speed Braille printer with little noise level. Braille Box is a milestone on the production braille embosser market. At a very affordable price it gives the user a technically progressive Braille machine with stable paper handling and award winning design.

  • 300 characters/second – first affordable high speed braille embosser
  • Large sheet-feeder – holds up to 400 pages
  • Integrated Acoustic Hood gives low noise level
  • Newspaper format for A3 or 11×17 inch paper
  • Red Dot product design award 2011
  • Great Design Award (Swedish award) 2012

This is Braille Box
Braille Box is suited for high volumes of Braille on cut-sheet paper. Its competitive award winning design and superb performance is groundbreaking. Braille Box prints at a rapid speed with little noise production. The printers innovative design makes it easy to maneuver.

Easy user interface
Throw away the manual; Braille Box will guide you through the embossing process. The logical user interface is both speech guided available in many languages and selectable from the front panel of the embosser. Several languages are available in print and Braille, giving the blind and sighted the same advantages. You will find the verbal interface available free of charge  in the download section of Index Braille’s home page.

Best price/performance
Braille Box is the first production Braille embosser to offer high quality performance at an affordable price. Higher consumer demands has allowed Index Braille to cut costs for each unit by large. With higher import volumes of tools and parts, Index is capable to sell Braille Box at a lower price. Therefore, Braille quality is able to reach the high standards made by our international users yet remain at an affordable price.

No noise pollution
Braille Box has excellent Braille quality yet still able to produce very little noise in the process. When printing, Braille Box generates no more sound than a regular conversation; retaining an acceptable amount of noise production for an office environment. Low noise volume is possible because  of how the Braille embosser is designed; being completely sealed off,  muffling even the ventilation.

The best sheet feeder
Braille on cut-sheet paper is the future. It is inexpensive and hassle free compared to the more demanding and expensive fan-folded braille paper. The sheet feeder also makes it possible to print Braille on every available paper format and even thin foils in other materials. Index Braille is the only Braille producer to develop a flawless Braille printer for copy paper. The secret is the Braille optimized sheet feeder, a technical solution owned by Index Braille.

Interpoint Braille
High quality Braille on both sides of the paper, known as interpoint or double-sided braille, is an Index Braille trademark. Braille Box produces double-sided Braille that reaches the highest Braille reading demands. The dots are easy to read and do not wear by age. The reliable dot forming technology seen in Braille Box is better for your wallet as well as the environment.

Meaningful features
Braille Box V4 is loaded with useful features. It prints single and double-sided Braille, both horizontally and vertically, meanwhile producing sharp tactile graphics. The Braille printer easily embosses Braille books and magazines with automatic page organization. It has all ports needed including: network, USB and a service port, in addition to  drivers compatible for Windows and Mac. The self guiding speech interface is logical and easy to use. Braille Box V4 is equipped with an embedded  web interface, making it possible to maneuver your embosser via the internet.

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